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Christians Headed Into the Time of Trouble  A riveting eye opener. Author: Philip Mitanidis


Ghosts Demons UFO’s and Dead Men- 230 pgs.  8.5"x 5.75"
"Ghosts Demons UFO’s and Dead Men" exposes the paranormal through a collection of true supernatural stories, and asks: Are UFO’s real? Are Ghosts and Demons real? Are the dead really dead? Who are the aliens that live with us on planet earth and where did they come form? How long are they going to stay here?

Christians Headed into the Time of Trouble- 256 pgs.  8.5"x 5.75"
Christians Headed into the Time of Trouble is based upon the historical and the prophetic answers that are given by the angels in the books of Daniel and Revelations. It reveals sequentially the seven last prophetic events and how these prophecies are going to affect the whole human race. Why the death penalty is going to be imposed upon the repentant Christians? Why sanctions are going to be enacted upon the repentant Christians (cannot buy or sell commodities)? Whom or what do the four beasts, the horns, and the blasphemy of the little horn represent in Daniel chapters 7 and 8? Who are the two beasts of Revelation 13? What does 666 represent? Who is the man of sin? The seven last plagues, the 2nd coming of Christ the LORD of hosts, and much, much more.

The Creator of Genesis 1:1 Who is He?- 338 pgs. (unedited).  Size 11"x 8.5"
"The Creator of Genesis 1:1 Who is He" has silenced its critics and baffled NASA’s findings, which agree with the Genesis account and wonder of its uncanny accuracy?

Moses Wrote About Me. 242 pgs.  8.5"x 5.75"
"Moses Wrote About Me" authenticates the awesome claim that is made by Christ the LORD of hosts that the writings of Moses (Torah-5 books of Moses) are mainly about Him and not about God the Father as Christians and none-Christians believe. An exhilarating revelation of who Christ the LORD of hosts really is! A documentation of Scriptural facts about Christ's claims that Moses wrote about Him, which cannot be denied, ignored, disregarded, overlooked, or pushed aside. IN ADDITION the book helps you to understand about which Individual of the Godhead the prophets of the the Old Testament are talking about.

The Covenant—A Contract Rejected- 213 pgs.  8.5"x 5.75"
"The Covenant—A Contract Rejected" reveals the Old and New Covenants and why they are rejected by the masses today? Why are people saying to God, “Depart from us: for we desire not the knowledge of Thy [Your] ways” (Job 21:14).

No God and Saviour Beside Me- 340 pgs.  8.5"x 5.75"
"No God and Saviour Beside Me" (See Hosea 13:4) reveals the fulfillment of the Messianic verses prophetically and historically and why Christ the LORD of hosts claims that there is “No God Beside Him”? Why does He make that statement?

According to a Promise- 188 pgs.  8.5"x 5.75"
"According to a Promise" deals with subject matters such as the war in heaven, the promise that was made to Adam and Eve and fulfilled on Calvary’s cross, how sinners were saved in the Old Testament, how Sinners are saved in the New Testament, what is sin, what will happen to sin, and the awe inspiring list goes on and on.

Blasphemies Against the Holy Ghost - 2004 pgs.  8.5”x5.75”  


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